VitalVBA, your external sales team

Let us introduce ourselves. We are VitalVBA, and we like to think of ourselves as your Personal External Sales Team. We specialize in closing the existing gap between your business and your customers by building strong and effective bridges that will generate and convert your leads into loyal paying customers.

We want you to know everything about us, so we are going to tell you exactly how we work. Let’s talk about the generals first and then we will dive in a little deeper.

Generally speaking, our service is provided by our specialized and highly skilled team of sales and customer attraction professionals. Our team scales your business by specialty-crafted telesales resulting in the setting of service appointments. We contact your customers on your behalf, introduce your product or service, and set a service appointment for the customer. Our service includes:

  1. A skilled customer outreach team centered around increasing your company’s sales and brand awareness.
  2. In-house marketing team.
  3. Database marketing.
  4. Databases of professional business growth analysts.

Now, for a more detailed explanation, here are the benefits of working with VitalVBA as your external sales team and the process when collaborating with us, step by step:

  1. First thing is first. For you to get personalized and useful information about what we can do for you, you must schedule a free consultation by visiting our website:, Service Tab, and clicking the “Schedule A Vital Consultation” button.
  2. During the consultation, we will talk about your sales goals and product information, and we will take note of every detail to later come up with a sales plan that is handmade for you.
  3. After the consultation, we will formulate a telesales campaign strategy including telesales script, any promo offers, etc. guaranteed to attract RTB (Ready to Buy Customers). Once our sales strategy has been documented, we will send over an action proposal, that will get you closer to achieving your sales goals.
  4. If the information we have given you, and the services we are offering you are suitable for you, you will purchase a Vital Success Hours (VSH) package.

*Note: The hours in this package will be used as work hours to contact prospects or customers on your behalf. We have VSH packages with as few hours as 4-VSH and as much as 960-VSH.

*Note 2: For your convenience, 160-VSH or more can be paid in installments.

  • GOOD NEWS! Once we have come to an agreement and we are ready to start working together, you won’t be forced into long-term contacts, you can on and off-board a sales team as needed.
  • Now, let’s talk results. It is our internal sales goal to set at least one Ready-To-Buy (RTB) customer appointment per 8-VSH used.
  • Accomplishing everything that has been mentioned above, we are now ready for take-off. Our customer outreach and sales team will start reaching out to your customers and consumers on your behalf. With successful customer contact, we will schedule RTB customers for service appointments.

Note: For you to always feel in control, we will make sure all new appointments are logged on a shared service calendar detailing all customers current contact details, service desired, time and date, along with any other customer profile information that will be useful in building a strong customer profile. Because remember, the more you know about your customers, the better services you can offer them.

At VitalVBA, we are extremely proactive in our efforts to scale your business. As we contact former customers, we gather feedback regarding previous services received.  We do this because we want to make sure you have the ability to offer your customers a continued improved service experience, one that will eventually lead to better and more efficient sales results for you.

So, we have talked about who we are and how it is to work with us, and now there is just one thing left to say, the most important perhaps. Why? Why should you collaborate with us? Why VitalVBA as your external sales team?

Without complicating it, let us break it down into three key reasons:

  1. To directly hire a successful customer attraction salesperson would cost upwards of $50,000 or more per year, plus the cost of benefits and insurance. Not with us. The investment cost and return is effective and favorable.
  2. At VitalVBA, you can onboard and offboard effective sales professionals on a as needed, basis at 20 % of the cost, while charting 100% of effective sales results.
  3. We have served clients in vase industries making our sales team knowledgeable, equipped, and ready to immediately take charge with skill and precision on your behalf.

Are you ready to meet your sales goals? To bring your business and your product to the next level? Because we are. We are ready to help your business travel to places you only dreamed of before.

VitalVBA, your external sales team…