VS-1 Welcome Back- Customer Retention Services That You Can Count On

Getting any campaign done will require strategic marketing planning and sheer determination, which our team has. The VS-1 Welcome Back service is designed to reintroduce and reconvert your former customers. Under the VS-1 Welcome Back service, our primary focus is to implement customer retention. Choosing VitalVBA to manage your  customer retention will grow your business exponentially by increasing your product sales.

We have a specialized team that will launch the telephone campaign for customer service and retention. We will apply our internal sales strategies to achieve our telemarketing retention goals, allowing your customers to understand what they have missed out on and the value of your product and services. Calling someone is easy, but converting them to do business with you is difficult, and for that, you will need a savvy sales team, which VitalVBA has.

VitalVBA lead generation team can handle even the most complex sales campaign. Our sales team knows what it takes to create empathy over the phone. They will build the right rapport and eventually try and understand why they have not been back. The good thing about our specialists is that they can speak multiple languages, making it even better for the customers to engage with the specialist.


Step 1: You will schedule a Discover Call with our project specialist. During the call we will learn more about your sales and marketing goals. After, we will recommend the best Vital Success Hours (VSH) package most suitable to achieve project success.

Step 2: After choosing the VSH package that suits you the best, we will begin obtaining all your customer records. We will capture your customer’s contact details, the last service they received, and the service date.

Step 3: After that, we will launch your Customer Welcome Back campaign.

Step 4: Our team will try to get your customer’s feedback regarding the last service, offer them attractive offers, and promote your service once again so that they can come back.

Step 5: For the last step, we will convert the leads by scheduling new service appointment accordingly.